Previously, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems were hosted on a company’s own server. It used to take months, if not years, to set up, and the costs were in the millions of dollars.

They were quite difficult to use even after they had been set up.

A need for an affordable CRM software which is delivering it entirely online as a service has been raised.

That’s where, Salesforce comes in.

Salesforce began as a CRM Software as a Service (SaaS) provider and currently offers a variety of software solutions as well as a platform for users and developers to create and distribute custom software.

Salesforce may appear to be nothing more than a CRM. It maintains our customer data, provides methods for nurturing new consumers, and allows us to collaborate with the people with whom we deal.

And it accomplishes all of these tasks. There is no doubt in this.

However, claiming that Salesforce is “simply a CRM” is like to claiming that a tree is only a leaf.

Of course, there’s a lot more it can do than that.

Salesforce includes a lot of conventional functionality, or out-of-the-box products and features, with which we are able to manage our firm.

Here are some features that Salesforce gives us to support the activities which are some common things business firms needed to do.

  • Leads and Opportunities to manage sales to sell to prospects and customers.
  • Cases and Communities for customer engagement to help customers after the sale.
  • The customizable Salesforce mobile app to work on the go.
  • Chatter and Communities to connect our company to collaborate with stakeholders of the company.
  • Marketing Cloud to manage our customer journeys.

Depending on what our organization acquires, we may be able to obtain these benefits and more without having to lift a finger.

Still these features will be like living in other’s house, not owning one for us.

No worries.
With Salesforce platform, we can easily customize and build whatever we wish to make our company unique and easily implement cutting-edge technology and connect all of the solutions that are important to us.

A unique business application helps us to become more successful.

On average, customers using Salesforce have seen 38% faster decision-making, a 25% increase in revenue, and a 35% jump in customer satisfaction.

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